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”Carllato” company was seated at Nova Bila near Travnik and deals manufacturing of latoflex beds and furniture. In a diverse range of our products we use the highest quality raw materials to get the enviroment friendly friendly product in line with ECO standards.

O nama - Carllato d.o.o. Nova Bila

Currently we are manufacturing lato staves (latoflex) of beech veneer, pressed in multiple layers of a very high bearing capacity and elasticity, bound together with the glue manufactured by European companies certified in Europe and meeting the ECO standards.

We produce lato supports used as a base of bed or mattress bearing section extremely important for proper airing. Lato beds are manufactured in various sizes and models. Lato beds with wooden (multiplex) supports are manufactured as a base section of bed oras a self-bearing item with legs, designed asa combinedjoined structure, with head section lifting, or head and feet section liftingin 5-10 differentpositions.